5 Great Apps to help with your Social Media

Updated: Sep 17, 2019


Canva is a graphic design software that has loads of professional looking social posts already made that you just need to change the colour scheme, text and photos if necessary. You can use a lot of the features for free but I recommend the full package.

Click here to get started on Canva!

Content Cal

A calendar to plan out your months work across all of your platforms. Content cal gives you access to their calendar and analytics. Again there are paid packages available but only upgrade when you feel you are getting your money's worth.

Start planning your calendar by clicking here! Get $30 off your first bill if you use promo code "WEAREJK".

Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads and Facebook

All the apps have different purposes that are good or bad for business. Facebook Ads allows you to track a paid campaign meaning if it isn't getting the traction you want you can cancel it on the go. Facebook Pages does basically everything else from publishing to inviting people to like the page to changing the about section.

The only reason the facebook app is on here is that it allows you to add company stories which is a super effective way to get you to the top of someones Facebook page.


An app that allows you to create simple text based videos. At the moment facebook and Linkedin love video content so this is a super simple way of turning your normal text based updates into something more eye catching.

Check it out by clicking here!


Hashtagger is used to find real time trending hashtags in your field for instagram. If you type in a subject it will let you know the best hashtags to use to promote your posts. Remember though 8-9 posts is the optimal amount of hashtags so don't go over bored but at the same time don't sell yourself short.




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