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5 things you probably didn't know about G Suite!

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

1. Shortcuts

With shortcuts you can view, read and reply to an email without having to touch the mouse! Although this may not sound like much, you would be surprised how much time it will save when you are having to look through and reply to lots of emails.

To enable the shortcuts, you have to go to settings within you google mail and then scroll down until you see the below, and change it from off to on. Then you can start using the short cuts straight away.

2. Personal Customisation

Within Google Mail you can actually customise quite a lot. For example, you can customise how compact the emails shown is, add a preview panel for emails and even add a “mark as read” button to the top. When people initially move from a application like Microsoft Outlook to Google Chrome, they often find it a struggle getting use to it as it is very different in appearance. Customising the appearance and features of google chrome can help you make it your own, and transition yourself over to it as your primary email client

3. Google Hangout

Google Hangout is one of the most under utilised tools within the g suite package for most companies. It offers two very helpful features that can help productivity. Firstly, it offers an instant messenger service so rather than having to send an email for a quick message where you are looking for a quick reply, you can send it through the google hangouts so you don't clog up your mail box. You can also integrate this within google mail, so that it pops up at the bottom of your mail box (similar to Facebook Messenger), rather than having it in a different screen. The other use for it is the video conferencing. This means that even when members of your team area out the office and all over the place, you can all still get together and have a meeting. It does work well and all you need are laptops with microphones and webcams (which most have) to make it work.

4. Filters In Gmail

Within gmail you can set up filters to organise your incoming mail before you have even viewed it. For example, you have supplier emails come in from a specific company, you can set it up so that rather than going into your inbox where you like to just deal with customer enquiries, it goes into its own label called “supplier” and doesn't go into the inbox at all. It still shows the red “1” like when a new email comes in against the label so you can still see when the email comes in and it makes your gmail much tidier without having to manually move the emails into their own labels once you have read them.

5. Google Drive Sync

This last one is for people that are struggling with the transition between saving documents on your computer, to saving them in google docs. You can download a Google Drive sync tool that will add a folder on your computer called Google Drive that will look like any other folder (like my documents for example). This means that when you make a document on your computer, you can save it straight into your google drive just like you would in your documents. Of course, I would promote using google docs, sheets and slides. But this is a good tool to utilise if you are struggling getting your employees or colleagues to swap to google drive.

If you want any more details go to the G Suite page of our site! Or feel free to get in contact with us via letsgetstarted@wearejk.co.uk




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