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5 Ways to Find Content Ideas

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

We have all had writers block in the past. You sit down to schedule some social media content or write a blog post and you can't think of a topic to talk about. Do not fear! I will be talking through some way's you can find content idea's when you are struggling.

1. Use a Tool

There are tools out there such as Answer The Public which can help get you content ideas. Just go to their website, put in a keyword that is relevant to your audience and it will give you a list of searches that have been made related to that key word. Now all you have to do is pick one and answer the question.

2. Use Google's Predicted Searches

Similar to the above suggestion, you can just go onto Google yourself and start a search. It will then try to fill in the question based on what people are searching themselves. Use those questions to write content by just answering them.

3. Use the "News" tab on Google

When using Google there are tabs along the top (just below the search bar) so you can view images, news, video, maps etc surrounding your search term. If you put in a key word or phrase to do with your industry and then go to the "News" tab, you will see relevant articles and news that are being spoken about now. Pick one of the topics and write up your take on the matter.

4. Your Previous Clients/Customers

If you're struggling for content, why not rave about a previous client or customer you had? It not only gives you content to write about, but it will also improve the relationship you have with that client as they will be happy you have wrote about them (as long as you are writing nice things) and it will show potential future clients the work you have done in the past and how you could help them.

Writing about someone else also makes it more likely that they will share it through their channels.

5. Check Trending Hashtags

If a hashtag is trending that means that lots of people are already talking about it so just join in to the conversation.

Creating great content for a conversation that is already happening is a great way to improve your engagement. If you have the time, engage with other people using the hashtag and they are more likely to look back on your profile and then engage with your post.

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