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6 Common Social Media Mistakes

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

1. Boring content

Lots of business’ wonder why their social media posts aren’t getting engagement and then when you look back at their content it’s just plain boring.

When you are formulating a social media post it is very important to remember your target audience and what they are interested in. You won’t get engagement if you are posting about topics that your audience have no interest in.

Think about what type of content stops you scrolling through the feed and you engage with to use as a basis when you are creating content yourself. For me, Dan Knowlton from Knowlton Marketing and The Goat Agency are putting out great content on LinkedIn! Check out their pages by clicking their names.

Out of the 1000’s of posts on your customer has on their feeds, why should they stop and engage with yours?

2. Only Marketing Posts

This links in to the first point. Too many businesses view social media platforms as just a way to market to their audience and not a way to engage with them. It’s suppose to be social.

The platforms are much more than just a way to sell to your audience. You have a new product coming out soon? Do some market research and ask your audience what they think of certain things. You are going to an event? Let your audience know and connect with the people that might be there as well.

If all you are doing is posting sales-like posts STOP! Why would someone want to follow someone that just shoves marketing posts in their face? They wouldn’t.

3. Lack of Consistency

It’s important to have consistency in multiple ways with your multiple media posts.

Don’t leave long period of not posting on social media. You want to be consistently posting so that those people that are engaging, will engage with the next, and then the next. If you stop posting for a long period of time, those followers of yours may lose interest and even worse, forget about you.

Consistency is also important when talking about branding. Making sure you use the same colours on the images you are creating can make your audience know that the post is by you before reading a word! This can also be done by putting your logo and/or slogan somewhere on the image.

4.Only share content about your company

Your personal social media account may just all be about you, but your business account should be more than that.

Reach out and engage with social media trends and other businesses on the platform to get your audience engaging with you as well. This may also get you noticed by their followers.

There are many other people out there running small businesses so reach out to them through social media and have fun!

5. Limiting to 1 content type

I see this quite a lot with small businesses. They will only share one type of content, such as blog posts, and that is there entire social media feed.

Make sure to vary the type of content you are putting out. You may be writing lots of blogs and proud of them, but it will be beneficial to pepper them in with images, video content, questions, polls etc etc to make sure you are grabbing the attention of a variety of people. Some of your audience will engage more with video content over blog posts so by only sharing blog posts, you are limiting your audience.

Still make the additional content types relevant and interesting though. Don’t just throw out posts because you think you should.

6. Grammatical Mistakes

Spelling mistakes are highly noticeable in social media posts and there will almost certainly be someone in your audience who will happily point them out.

It doesn’t take long at all to read and double check the status before sending it out. Put it through a grammar checker if you must! It looks unprofessional and is quite embarrassing if there are mistakes.

If a mistake does manage to slip through, as we are all human, make sure to correct it as soon as you realise it is there or take a tip from the amazing lot at AM Marketing and completely play it off cool!

If you have any questions, reach out to us on social media (all linked below) or drop us an email!





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