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6 Tips for a Successful Landing Page

There are many reasons you may want a landing page. Maybe you are exhibiting at an event and you want to get people to signup for continued communication; you could be creating a Google Ad and want the person that clicks the ad to go to a landing page rather than a generic page on your website; or maybe your newest marketing campaign is to try and get more people to sign up to your newsletter. Whatever the reason, I will give you some good tips to make sure that your landing page performs as it should!

Simple, Clean and Organised

Your landing page will have a goal and you want as few distractions from that goal as possible! By making sure that your design is simple and clean, you take away any distractions and just leave the call to action explaining what you want them to do and explain why they should do that. Look at the Codecadmy landing page below and notice how simple it's design is.

Clearly Communicate Value

It's important to continuously ask "Why would the viewer care?" when looking at website design and this is no different. You can answer that question by talking about the value that visitor will get if they complete whatever you call to action is. Why would someone sign up to your newsletter if all you are going to do is bombard them with sales emails? But if you were going to offer them tips, tricks, promotions, company updates etc, people are going to be more likely to actually care!

Don't be afraid to literally list these value points. Putting what the visitor will get in bullet points can be very effective to communicate to them exactly what they will get and why they should sign up.

Are You Trusted?

You only have seconds to convince this visitor that they should do what you want them to do. Why not list those who have benefited from your service and who you have worked with? If you have worked with trusted names, put them here and it will show the visitor that you can actually deliver on what you are promising them.

Feel free to put badges of certification and partnerships if you believe them to be relevant. If your visitor can relate to those you have worked with in the past, they may be more likely to proceed with the call to action. Look at the below from Todoist's landing page showing off who they have worked with.

Keep the Form Short

Keeping the barrier to completion low for the visitor is important. If you are asking them to fill out 10 questions, some of which long-form, you are going to lose their interest. Make sure to keep the questions easy and only ask what you really need to move them to the next part of the process, even if that is just their name and email address.

Remember Mobile!

I see a lot of companies completely forget mobile when creating landing pages. They make a beautiful page from a computer screen but as soon as it is viewed on a mobile screen it's a squashed mess.

The percentage of people that use mobile over desktop keeps climbing and will continue to do so. These companies that are forgetting to support the mobile side of their website and landing pages are just going to keep falling behind on their competition!

Make the Transition From an Ad Seamless

You will waste money if you make an amazing ad that gets a great click rate but then when they get to your landing page they feel lost. You want to make sure that once they click the ad and get to the landing page, they know exactly what they need to do to get what was promised on the ad.

If the ad shouts about getting a £15 voucher if they signup today and then when they click through to the landing page and there is no where to signup, you will have just lost a potential customer.

This seems a bit stupid while typing this out but I see it far to commonly. It should be obvious that if your ad promises something, the landing page helps move them in the process to getting it.

Now go and make sure your landing pages are the best they can be!

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