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How to Increase Your Social Media Following

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

We get asked often how to get more followers on whatever social media channel it is, so why not talk about it here!

Before we go forward I want to talk about how important the number of followers you have actually is. Lot's of people believe that the number of followers is the most important metric and if you get more followers then you are a success but this isn't completely true.

The quality of those followers is very important. You could have 10,000 followers but not be converting a single one of them into a customer or a fan of your brand whereas another company could have 500 followers of which half of them are customers. Which would you rather have?

I wanted to bring this point up because although yes, it's nice to have that followers number high, keep in mind that the goal here is to have the followers to actually engage with your brand and become customers. Not just get that followers number as high as you can.

Now that's out the way, here are my top tips for increasing followers!

Consistent Content

One of the many perks of using social media is that you can get your brand in front of potential customers. If you are only posting once a month because you haven't in a while and "think you probably should" then that one post is going to get lost in people's feeds.

Posting consistently give you more opportunity to be noticed in peoples feed and for them to engage and follow your page. If your page is more or less dormant, there is no reason why they would want to follow you.

Use the Correct Platform

The content you find across all the platforms are different. If you are writing super corporate posts on Instagram, you will probably find they perform worse than if you did that on Linkedin.

If you are posting the wrong content on the wrong platform you may be not getting followers that you would get if you were posting that same content on a different platform.

We went through the different platforms and outlined how to utilise them in our most recent #JKTalks event. If you are interested in coming along to one in the future, click here to join our Facebook Group. We also constantly share tips and have discussions!

Share Your Social Media Everywhere

It is still a surprise when I go on a website and there isn't a single link to a single social media platform.

Make sure to have your social media icons and links on your website, your email footer, you other social media platforms, call to actions on your business cards and flyers, on your social media posts, literally everywhere you can put them, put call to actions to your social media channels.

If your goal is to gain more followers, then in everything you do keep this at the forfront of your mind.

Engage A Lot

We have found this to be the most effective method for us gaining not just followers, but quality followers that engage with your posts and are actually valuable.

As they are social media platforms, make sure to be social on them. Comment on others posts, share their latest content (if it's good), create conversations in groups.

When we start engaging with someone elses content they will almost certainly have a look at our page and then follow us back. When we pop up on their feed next they will more than likely comment on our post because we helped them with their engagement the other day.

This also extends to physical networking. We have had situations where we met someone for the first time at a networking event but we had already had interaction on social media so we natually fell into a conversation and built a rapport.

This is of course time consuming. We do social media for a living so are on their quite a lot so can do this but I understand that this would be time consuming while you have a million and one other things to be doing. But if you are serious about wanting to grow your following with valuable followers, this has been a great method for us.

Use Hashtag

Twitter and Instagram are the two main platforms for hashtags. Linkedin have tried to push it but from my personal posts I don't seem to get much exposure using them compared to Twitter and Instagram.

Putting hashtags in your post is a great way to get your content in front of people interested in that area. Only use relevant hashtags though or it can have a negative impact if people associate your page as being a "hashtag whore". For example, when sharing this blog we wouldn't use #fashion even know that is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram so would probably get the post seen by lots of people.

On Instagram you can add up to 30 hashtags. We would say aim for 12 and then if you think there are more relevant then add them on as well. Don't worry about getting up to the 30 hashtags mark.

Another tip for Instagram is to put the hashtags in the first comment of the post, rather than the post itself. Put 6 dots (.), each on different lines, and then all your hashtags. That way when someone views the post they don't actually see all the hashtags unless the go to that first comment and then click to read more. This just makes the post look neater but still gets you in front of the new people.

Create Good Content

The final point is probably an obvious one. If you create good content, people will want to follow you.

I find that lot's of people just want a quick fix to getting conversions from social media but that's not really how it works. The simplest way to get a solid following on social media is just to create good, likeable content.

Lot's of pages just share motivational quotes and use generic hashtags like #throwbackthursday and #wednesdaywisdom. How can you be different and give genuinely valuable content for your audience?

That's really what you need to work out and then when you share that constantly, on the right platforms, using the right hashtags, followers will naturally start coming.

If you have any questions, reach out to us on social media (all linked below) or drop us an email!





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