Case Study: The Wonderful Kiwi Resolutions

Updated: Apr 8, 2019


When we first crossed paths with Kiwi Resolutions they had the vision of leaving their current employment and setting up their own company, using their skills and experience to help reduce conflict within the workplace. They had started building their own website through another web-based service but after meeting us at a networking event and hearing what we do, decided to reach out for some help.

We first explained the benefits of using Wix over the service they were going to use to build their website and showed them some of the websites we had made for other customers using Wix. Karl and I walked the Kiwi Resolutions team through Wix and showed them just how easy it is to use. We talked budgets and told them our pricing structure which came as a surprise after other quotes. The Price meant they could save the time and effort of building it themselves.

“The process was cost effective, fast and efficient. We find Wix easier to access than other services we have used. Doing it this way really just took the pressure off us”

While building the site we used some stock photos that fit the company profile but the ladies wanted the site to reflect their business so decided to use photos of them in action. They needed a photographer which we sourced for them and they shot the photos in our office space leaving them with a truly bespoke site.

It was easy. They arranged with the photographer when and where the photos would be taken so we didn’t have to worry about it. It is great how much individual attention they gave to our website.

Throughout the whole process, we went back and forth with Kiwi Resolutions making sure the website was exactly what they wanted and that they were happy with the final result. We pride ourselves on customer service and making sure the customer is happy and informed throughout the whole process.

“We felt like they nurtured us. It was all just so easy. They even took our business cards and made sure that the branding across the website matched our current branding.”

And what do they think about the final product?

“Brilliant! Others have said how professional it looks and I can’t believe how smooth and quick the process was. Even now that it’s done there has been ongoing support and they have helped set up our emails through Google.”

In our initial conversations, we realised that the both Annmarie and Helen were very busy people and needed a fast and efficient service. Their current email provider wasn’t providing the best email system for on the move and the userface wasn’t the best. We specialise in the G Suite package from Google. So showed them how it worked and they were impressed by the ease of use as well as the other features G-Suite provides. We set up their G-suite account with all relevant emails, signatures and apps for their phones.

Gmail is a lot easier than the email service we were using previously. It was great that they set up groups for us because I probably could have worked out how to do it but it would have taken me a while so it just saved me time. The whole package that JK Websites offered us just took the pressure of us, so we could focus on other areas of the business, without having to worry about this.”

Please feel free to see the finished website and have a look at what it is they do over at Kiwi Resolutions!




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