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Street Soccer Foundation Sleep Out

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

The night of 13th July 2019 we slept under the stars in the Gallagher Stadium, home of Maidstone Utd. Although we did have a good time doing this, that wasn't the reason we initially signed up.

We signed up to help raise awareness to those who sleep rough every night. The Street Soccer Foundation put this event together where around 20 business people slept on the congrete floors of the football stands to help raise awareness to those who do it every night.

The Street Soccer Foundation support young people living on the street and try to help them through the power of football. The offer a 10 week learning and development programme, using football, to help the young people gain new skills and improve their mindset.

This is an amazing charity that do amazing work. Some of the stories shared on the night were inspirational and it was great to hear stories of lives that were changed through the programme.

Earlier I said we had a good time but I can assure it was a hard night. As you can imagine, getting to sleep on a concrete floor isn't easy and having nothing to block you from the outside noises, the weather and the light didn't help.

Throughout the night it started to rain on us so we had to move to a place with shelter, the sun started coming up at around 3:30 in the morning so it started to become light and at around 5:00 was when the seagulls decided it was time to get up.

It was massively eye-opening that people have to deal with this every night. Being even a small part of bringing awareness to this was very humbling.

In October there will be another event with more exciting things in the works. I promise you that if you get involved, it will be a great experience.

If you do want to get involved, either get in contact with Keith Mabbut on

kcm@streetsoccerfoundation.org.uk or contact us and we can introduce you!

If you want to read more about what the foundation does, click here to go to their website.




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