THE A - Z of Social Media - D

D is for Days of the Year and Dates

Hey! Karl here from JK Online and I am here to entertain/teach you about the joys of Social Media and what it can brink to you. Bringing you an entire alphabet on content to level up your social game.

But Karl, how can dates help me..

I will be splitting down your week into days. What days and times you should be posting your content to your social channels but also the amazing days of the year you can be posting on from Christmas Day to Peanut butter jelly day. Hashtags like #WorldFatDay have helped businesses show their funny side, get engagement and build on their branding.

There are loads of days of the year you can use but where do you find this information?

Right then, hit me, where do I find these days?

We post a super handy weekly Calendar with all the days coming up that week on our social channels every Monday. If you need them earlier than that we use this site: It's got the whole year in advance as well as the relevant hashtags for each day.

The next bit of information is how do you use these days of the year to make content. Some of them are completely bonkers and you will never be able to use it, other are hilarious and some are obvious ones you should jump on. Here is last week's calendar:

#randomactofkindnessday a good one for business to jump on. They could talk about a story, encourage people to do something for the community and more.

#WorldYogaDay is a more niche hashtag but people in the industry or that practice Yoga could post out about this and find others with a similar passion and create a conversation (and conversations sometimes lead to sales). I am not saying if you do a post about you doing the downward dog you are

going to get more sales but building personal relations with others never hurts.

#StickyBunDay not really got many business uses unless your a baker but could be a great opportunity to grab some share them around the office and get a photo of you all eating them. Sticky Buns is an excuse to show off you look after your employees and have fun at work and people buy into that.

So, that is just some of the Hashtags from the week just gone. Imagine how much easier your content creating game gets when you use something like this. It should never be the forefront of your social media strategy but is for sure a good way to break up content.

OK, you've given me some content. When do I post it?

So what time you post your content depends on your audience, industry and platform. There was a great study taken by Sprout Social discussing the times to post for each industry so I am not going to break it down too much.

I do find however if you think about what your audience will be doing at the time of posting. For instance if you are posting to early teens then they will be at school between 9 and 3 so posting your content to go out at 3:30 would get it infront of the most people.

Midweek is the best time to post normally and ironically people are more active on socials when they should be working and around 8/9pm when they finally get to put their feet up. Sundays often can be a bit lucrative as people often advise to stay away from the weekend leaving less posts for your content to be competing against.

I really advice looking at that Sprout Social article though... it will likely change your posting times.

Want to ask some questions about creating content? Message us on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter and we will be happy to help.

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