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Why Digital Marketing is Important to a New Business

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

You may have just started your own business and seen everyone talking about digital marketing, online presence, SEO, SEM, the list could go on and confuse you!

Let me break down for you firstly what digital marketing is and then let's go through the reasons why it is important.

So What is it?

Digital marketing includes any type of marketing a company uses that is electronic. Unlike traditional marketing techniques like newspapers and billboards, it's all online and digital. Below are some examples of digital marketing techniques.

All of these come under the digital marketing umbrella but touch on different aspects. For example, social media marketing is obviously about social media channels but email marketings are to do with outbound emails. To have a good digital marketing strategy you need to work out how your business could use them all and then work out which you should put more time and money.

You Need Exposure

The first reason your new business needs digital marketing is simply because you need exposure. When you first start out you are not known so need to get your name out there and get people to know who you are. Digital marketing is a great way to do this.

You can get large reach with limited funds so you turn up on peoples social media feeds, Google search results and inboxes. That way you get your name out there quick and people start to associate you with your product or service so if they do need it, you are in the front of their mind.

It's Not Expensive

When you compare digital marketing to something like a TV advert, it can be a lot cheaper. In fact, if you don't have a budget at all it can be free!

Social media is free to post on and having a website with a blog isn't expensive at all. These are two good ways to get your name out there and start connecting with your potential customers.

Use your blog to answer questions they might have (like "Why is Digital Marketing Important to a New Business") and social media to reach out and connect, showcase your product/service and have a direct line to you. By just doing those two things, you will already have a good digital marketing foundation.

If you do have more of a budget you can put it into Pay Per Click (PPC) and social media ads to increase your reach so even more people learn about you. Once again, this isn't overly expensive if you compare it to traditional marketing techniques.

It's Trackable

A lot of digital marketing is trackable. This means that you can look at a sale and track back to find exactly where it came from.

Let's use Pay Per Click (PPC) as an example. If you have ads on Google you can track exactly what they put in Google to click on your ad, which landing page they land on and what they do on that page. If you compare this to a TV ad, it's much harder to know if someone picked up the phone and called because of the ad or other reasons.

This is important as it could save you money. If your analytics show that this is working and that isn't, you can just put more money into this and less into that. Continue tracking these and you will be making your money go a lot further.

Your Customers are Online

Your customers are on the internet already. They may even potentially be looking for your product or service and you're not there to help them.

If someone is looking for something now-a-days they no longer go to the yellow pages, they will "Google it". If you have no digital presence at all then you have no hope to grab those people.

Pretty much everyone uses social media now for various reasons so get on there and talk to them as well. Having an active social media channel is a good way for your potential customer to have a direct line to you. It's also common for someone to look through Facebook reviews for a company now to see if they want to use their services.

Build a Relationship with your Customers

Online, you can build a solid relationship with your customers. After they have used your service you can stay in touch with them through your social media channels and email campaigns.

It's also a great way for you to find out more about your customers. That way you can alter your marketing with more of a focus on similar people to those who have bought in the past. It might turn out that who you originally thought would be interested in your service isn't who is actually buying it.

If you have any questions, reach out to us on social media or drop us an email!

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