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Young Enterprise Kent County Final

Last night we had the privilege of sponsoring, judging and presenting an award to the young people within the Young Enterprise scheme. It was an inspiring night seeing all the youngsters enthusiasm for business and I just wanted to put my thoughts of the night out there for those of you that are interested!

The Contestants Were Amazing!

There were six finalists, each with a completely different business ideas and I was completely blown away with every single one of them. For me, there wasn't a clear winner and the judges of the entire event must have had such a hard time choosing a winner.

Each business had to do a presentation and all the presenters were so confident and comfortable in front of a big audience. We spoke to some of them afterwards and found out that actually they were completely shi**ing themselves but while up in front of the crowd, you wouldn't have guessed it.

When talking to each of them they held themselves very well and came across very professional. Karl made a joke while presenting the award that everyone of them came across more professional then he did (naturally, he was stood up there in his red Hawaiian shirt) but in all seriousness... They were. Just talking to a lot of them, I would say that they are more clued up and motivated by business than a lot of businesses we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Sponsoring and Presenting an Award

We sponsored, presented and judged the "Best video advertisement" award. This was an award that wasn't a included factor in the final result but the winner got a very nice trophy and certificate.

Each company had to make an advert that was less than 30 seconds long. Each of them gave it a good go and every single one of them had some level of editing skills involved.

Judging was hard. There were a few that all really could have taken the top spot but we ended up picking the company Harbour who's business involved making art out of pebbles. There was a good level of editing and it was clear what they were selling. They also had an animated logo at the end of the advert which impressed us.

There was another company called Clockwork that had actually made a 3 minute long advert and cut it down to 30 seconds for the competition. We saw the 3 minute long advert on the day but had only been sent the 30 seconds long one as that what we was judging, but the 3 minute one was actually very impressive! Unfortunately, when they cut it down to 30 seconds they didn't explain what the product was and had cut a lot of the important part of advertising.

We were the first to announce a winner and when Karl announced Harbour as the winner, they cheered with excitement. I was so happy to have been a part of it because these youngsters had put so much time and effort into this business and winning this award made them all so happy. It was very fulfilling to be even a small part of it.

I would definitely recommend anyone to get involved with something like this in the future. It was so inspiring seeing the youngsters all energetic and excited about business. Being able to judge and present an award was also very humbling and giving out the award was an honour!




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