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ZC Live - Best Tips

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

On 31st May 2019, Zoe Caines Social Media hosted an event in Strood Academy called ZC Live. This was a place for experts in the digital marketing field to come and share their knowledge to local businesses who are looking to improve their social media.

I am going to collate some useful tips from the day so that those of you that did not make it can still benefit from the knowledge the experts shared with us!

Tip #1 - PLAN!

One of the speakers for the day was Andy Lambert from Content Cal who gave a talk about planning your social media schedule, the benefits and how to do it effectively.

Content Cal is a tool that we have used for a while now at JK Online. It's a calendar tool to help you schedule and organise your social media posts on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.

Andy expressed that posting on social media can often get pushed back in the day-to-day workings of a small business and then often get forgotten. A way to counter that is by having a set time each week where you sit down and plan out your week.

This way, you firstly actually get something onto your social media channels but also when you do it as an when, you often end up putting out poor quality content "just to get something out there" rather than actually making high quality, engaging content. If you set aside time to plan you content you can create posts that are worthy enough to be on your social media channels.

If you are interested in giving ContentCal a try click here and get $30 off your first bill if you use promo code "WEAREJK".

Tip #2 - Create a Sales Conversation

Aaron Taylor from SixTwo gave a very energetic talk on stopping the sales pitch and starting the sales conversation.

Although Aaron was mostly talking about how to do this on your website there were some very important points here. If you stop thinking of it as trying to sell and think of it as trying to have a conversation, more potential clients/customers will be happy to start the chat with you. No one likes having sales shoved down their throat.

Aaron suggested that you use post-it notes to plan the conversation, attempting to predict the questions that the client/customer will ask. Then all you have to do is answer those questions and you have your content.

We often get asked what content to create when you can't think of a topic and this is a perfect resolution to this. Answer questions your client/customer will be asking.

Tip #3 - Use Tools

Every speaker gave at least one useful tool to help your business with their social media. These tools can help you save time, make relevant content and collect/use analytics. We have already spoken about Content Cal in tip #1 so let me share a few others that were spoken about on the day and briefly explain what they do.

Inshot - This is an app that allows you to edit your photos and videos from your phone. It is primarily designed to help you with your Instagram posts. To download it, just search "inshot" in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Answer The Public - In tip #2 we spoke about answering questions you think your clients/customers will be answering. Well, you can go to www.answerthepublic.com to find out what people are searching on Google! This provides good content ideas for social media and blog posts. It also displays it in a snazzy graphic for you!

Buzzsumo - This is essentially a monitoring and research tool. We use this mainly to find what is being shared across social media for certain topics. It's useful to see what is trending and what content is performing well.

Tip #4 - Video is KING!

Lots of the people were talking spoke about how important video content is. Zoe Cairns spoke about Facebook Watch and how that is getting more and more traction and that she believes the Facebook feed is dying and more people will be using the various areas such as Facebook Watch and Groups rather than the feed.

More and more people are consuming content as video than any other form of media. Use this information to start creating your own videos. Have a look below at a video we created from the day of the event in fact! We asked some of the experts for their top tips.

Tip #5 - Prolonged Engagement

The final tip is a very easy one to prolong the life of a Facebook post given by Zoe Cairns, the host of the event.

When someone comments on your post, like the comment but then wait 24 hours to reply to it. This way when you reply to the comment, it will push the post back onto peoples feeds for them to see again or for new people to see. If you were to reply immediately, the post would have the same shelf life.

There you have it!

There are 5 tips for you that were shared on the day. We had an amazing time on the day! If you didn't manage to make it, I would highly suggest you plan to go to ZC Live 2020. I promise it will be worth your time!

A massive thank you to the people at ZC Social Media for putting the event on. We don't have many educational events like this in Kent so it's great that they put this one together.

Click here to go and check out what they do over on their website

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